Born to Brahmin Goan parents in Mapusa, the capital city of the Bardez region. I’m told that the hospital where my mother gave birth to me was situated right beside a fish market. I’m thinking that it’s a probable cause for my liking seafood. Anyway, that accounts for my username. Besides loving fish, I love to write and read anything I can get my hands on. I love shells, beach glass and dipping my hands into the ocean. Oh yes, I still love shoes and don’t mind the size of my feet. Incidentally, like the shrinkage in my height, my feet have become smaller. These are some of the perks of aging. I love it so much as I do the restrictions in my diet

My blog is inspired by memories and fiction. Love this saying: ‘memories are like moonbeams, you can do with them what you want’

  1. Mia says:

    Oh ,hw i love bumping into Goan blogs!
    Are u based in goa too? i guess not:-)

    • bardezborn says:

      I wish I was based in Goa 🙂 – I’m in B.C. Canada and trying hard to revive memories from my past. Unfortunately, in a computer mishap, I lost all my India photos and these days, I rely on the photos of others. Let me know of other Goa blogs because I too love reading them 🙂

  2. Rigden says:

    Hi dear old friend… love your blog, hope to see you when I visit the west. Take care, luv rigden

  3. Nagarjun. says:

    While surfing Internet, I came across your blog. It is interesting and I am able to know more about Goa.

  4. Cecil says:

    Is the fact you are Brahmin born very important to your self-identity?

    • bardezborn says:

      Hmmm… you know, I never did consider it seriously. It’s what I know about my Goan Indian background and it just tumbled out of me when writing that bit. Incidentally, every bit about my Goan identify is important to me 🙂
      Wishing you well Cecil.
      Are you from Bodiem? Aldona? Curious!

  5. Parkar says:

    gosh…I never would have known.
    I always thought all Goans are paavwallas.
    Brahmin goan… sounds interesting.
    Tell me more!

    • bardezborn says:

      I’ll try not to be insulted by the derogatory term used to describe Goans ‘paavwallas’! There is more to be said about people from Goa other than their bread making skills. As for Brahmin Goan, read up on your history and culture and you will learn that all Goa was occupied by the Portuguese for many centuries. Before the occupation, the population was largely hindu. After conversions took place, Goans adopted Christianity as their religion but kept some of the customs. They did not discard the issue of caste and this could be considered fortunate or unfortunate depending on how you look at it. Anyway, do some reading and learn about the people of your country 🙂 Thank you for your interest.

  6. Thank you for bringing back such amazing memories. Love Love Love. — a fellow Goenkar

  7. Noel Lobo says:

    Hi, As i was going through you blog i realised how much do the goan people miss after migrating from their mother land. I am from Bodiem myself and i love that place alot. for me it is like paradise at my door step. I love to be in Bodiem as it is very quiet and peacful. The sounds of birds and stream. truely awesome. By the way which house do u belong to in bodiem. Would like to know more about you and your roots. Thank you..

    • bardezborn says:

      Thanks Noel. Love that you love Bodiem. My memories of it unfortunately are not the most recent but they still remain very dear to me. We used to spend our summer vacations with my grandmother, a sweet woman who made us our favourite foods from the minute we landed in Bodiem. We played with our neighbors, heard mass at Saint Anne’s church, attended the feast, ate lots of sweets and when I was older, drank feni, beetroot wine and generally made merry.

      Mae’s (grandmother’s) house is right next door to Orlando Lobo’s house. Are you related? Another Lobo I knew (met him in 1994) actually from Pune and he lived in a house below ours. His first name escapes me at this moment but my daughter and I had lunch with him on that visit. His house backed on to fields and he rode a motorcycle. I heard that on a visit to the USA a few years later, he died in a car accident. Anyway, let me know if you are related to either of those Lobos.

      I’ve learned that my grandmother’s home is quite dilapidated now. Santan (my grandmother’s adopted daughter) used to live in it. She passed away a few years ago. Property affairs and the disputes among families about property is a rather appalling situation. Very sad and would have greatly disturbed generations gone by if they had the hindsight. On the other hand, if they did have hindsight, perhaps the properties would be secured and passed on rightfully from one generation to the next.

      One day before long, I hope to visit Bodiem but I’d have to make arrangements to rent a place for a week or so. If you know of anyone who rents reasonably, let me know. I’d be interested. On one visit, I went to the Home for the Aged and talked to the nuns. I was thinking of approaching them to ask if I could stay at their residence when I visited. Need to find an address for them. My trip would likely be in the early part of next year.

      Thank you for keeping in touch.


      (604) 885-8103

      P.S. I now live in British Columbia, Canada

  8. Noel Lobo says:

    Nice to hear from you Delma. Yes as far as i know we were a distant relative of Orlando Lobo. my grand parents house is situated in ponny vaddo, Its the big courner house near the stream. My grand parents passed away on the same day. I stayed with my grand parents for a couple of years it was amazing.

    Its not only your grandmothers house, but unfortunately there are lots of houses that are not taken care off and most of the people who own houses have migrated. I agree with the fact that many dont want to get invoved in house disputes as it is quiet annoying at times jhaving youe own brother or sister asking the share rather than being and living together.

    I am based in Dubai but i have my relatives and my parents stay in Goa in Bodiem. When i go there its like paradise to me.i forget my worries, tension and just relax along with the fresh air the breeze.

    Looking forward to hear from you again. till then you take care and we can keep intouch. your can add me on yahoo. my mail address noelrlobo@yahoo.co.in

    Thanks you and take care Delma. Have a gr8 day ahead.

    I will find out and let you know about anyone renting any house.

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