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Goa 9

On the little road that led from the junction of the church road and the village road, on the way to Mae’s house, there is a chapel much like this one. A simple little chapel where you could see the cross through a barred off entrance. It wasn’t meant to be like a church where you stepped in, knelt down to pray and where a priest would preside. Instead, it was a little wayside chapel so that you could remember to stop and pray on your way to somewhere else. A ltitle whitewashed chapel. I loved to stop and stare inside it as if expecting something miraculous to happen. What I didn’t realize at that time is that the miracles were all around. In the kindness of the people I saw each day, my grandmother, my family, my friends, the fields, the animals, every single little thing. I hope that the chapel in Bodiem still stands where it used to.

  1. Zelia Lobo says:

    I am delighted to read your blog. I too am from Bodiem and have very fond memories of the summers I spent there until the late 1960s. Is the chapel you mention next to the Menezes’ home? Cheers — Zelia Lobo

    • bardezborn says:

      I remember the chapel being not far from the vegetable plots (fields) but it was so long ago that I was in Bodiem. Do you remember Santan DaCosta? She lived with my grandmother and my parents names are Sylvester and Olympia Lobo. Happy that you read my blog and I’ll try and post more memories 🙂

  2. Zelia Lobo says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t recall the people you mention. Between the mid-1950s and mid-1960s I lost both my grandparents and parents, but my siblings and I continued to go for our summer holidays to Bodiem until the late 1960s. I left Bombay in the early 1970s and now live in Tokyo, Japan. My maternal grandparents’ house was on the left turn where the long road (on the right-hand side were rice fields) to enter Bodiem village ends. The right turn would lead towards Saint Anne’s Church (the village church). My grandparents names were Jose and Prudence Fernandes and my parents were “Francis” Ambrose Benjamin and Mercy Lobo. My father too is from Bodiem. If you are on Facebook you might wish to join the “Bodiemkars” Group. And I’ll be looking forward to reading your blogs. Cheers! — Zelia

  3. bardezborn says:

    Wow Zelia! I think that your grandparents house was right beside ours!!! I remember those names – Prudence and Mercy. I also left India in the late sixties and have been living in Canada since. Haven’t been to Goa since 2004 but I’ve just returned from Mumbai and New Delhi (attending a family member’s wedding). When I told my brother about you, he was sure your brother is Bismarck but you’d have to confirm this for me.

  4. Meenakshi Chellam says:

    Hi there,
    a friend, kenneth, came to bodiem and told us about your blog. And Zelia, I’ve seen your comments/posts in the Bodiemkars group on FB!

    We live in Bodiem. Cedric and I moved here 10 years ago and are totally in love with it. Ours is the house just above the church. it used to belong to Phillip Xavier (they called him Phillip Shair (splg?!!). Anyway. It was so wonderful to stumble across this blog. I didn’t find your name on the blog, bardez girl!!

    I hope you’ve taken Zelia’s suggestion and joined Bodiemkars on Facebook.
    Maybe I’ll try and send you some recent pics of Bodiem.

    take care. And keep those memories flowing!!

    Meenakshi Chellam

    • bardezborn says:

      Oh my Meenakshi

      Everytime I hear from a Bodiemkar, I feel so happy. First Zelia, then Kenneth and now you! Thank you!

      My grandmother’s home (if it is still standing upright, sigh!) is, I believe, across from where Zelia’s grandfather’s house was. Right beside the house of other Lobos (Lourdes, Nelson, Carlos, Oliver – their mother’s name was Candid). I’m forgetting the landscape and where other homes were in respect to ours. Kenneth talked about other Lobos living below my granny’s house. It must have been 1993/94 when I visited Bodiem and met a Mr. Joe Lobo who had a home below granny’s house. I believe his primary residence was Pune but he spent a lot of time in Bodiem. My daughter and I had lunch with him and we kept in touch for a while but later, lost touch. Incidentally, granny’s house had been occupied by Santan D’Costa but again, I have lost touch with her as well.

      So, your house is above the the church – loved St. Anne’s and have some vague memories of the feast. I visited the Home for the Aged and met the nuns who operate it.

      Would love your pics – if you ever take a picture of the river which separates Bodiem from Aldona and wouldn’t mind me using it in the blog, I would love that. The last time I was there, the river was barely a stream and there was no ferry boat to take you across. I had to go all the way to Mapusa and make my way to Aldona from there.

      Bless you Meenakshi for writing
      Delma Lobo

  5. Orlando J.Lobo (Ollie ) says:

    BOY from Bodiem…..Was happy when I was told about your blog…by Zelia Hagiwara
    good show….keep in touch on “Bodiemkar”

    • bardezborn says:

      Thanks Orlando – I remember your family very well. My mother I believe was godmother to your sister Lourdes. I remember her singing voice on the radio. I remember parties on your bodiem verandah shortly after your family would arrive for the holidays. Lastly, I remember Carlos and myself writing our SSc exams in the same auditorium. Because we share the same last name, he was behind me 🙂 Lovely memories.

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