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Mae made this Bibique for us even when it wasn’t Christmas time.  All Coans made this this layered cake at Christmas but since us Lobos never went to Bodiem during Christmas, Mae would make it for us in May.  Bless that sweet woman who did everything in her power to give her grandchildren a good time.  I wish that I had got my recipe right from Mae but alas, she was gone before I got interested in culinary matters.  Priyanka Garpure has kindly supplied me with this one:

200 gms all purpose flour

10 egg yolks

500 gms sugar

Thick coconut milk from one large coconut

2 gms powdered nutmeg

200 gms ghee (clarified butter)

1. Extract coconut milk from the coconut by grating it and grinding it with water. Mix the flour, sugar and egg yolks with coconut milk and stir thoroughly till sugar has dissolved. In case you want layers of slightly different colors caramelize a little sugar and add to one half of the batter and use them alternately.

2. Now add the nutmeg powder and keep aside.

3. In an aluminum vessel, heat some clarified butter in a pan and pour in one cup of batter.

4. Bake this layer on low heat till it turns light brown in color.

5. Then add another spoonful of clarified butter and another cup of batter.

6. Once the bottom layer is done the heat has to be supplied from the top.

7. Continue to bake till all the batter is used up.

8. Once done, turn the tin upside down, remove the bebinca and cool before serving

Note:  I’ve tried this method by pouring batter into a springform pan and placing under the broiler (rack should be in the middle of the oven).  It’s effective!

  1. kenneth de souza says:

    It was very charming and entertaining to read your short stories and childhood experiences. I am a Goan ancestrally from the Calangute area – who has a close Indian friend who moved to Goa from Singapore and now living for the past 10 years in Bodiem. Whenever I visit him for a 3 or 4 day stay…I never want to leave Bodiem. It is truly beautiful and takes me back to my childhood days. I dream of making a home there someday ….hopefully soon..!!!

    All the best…

    Kenneth de Souza

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