Travel from Mapusa

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Mapusa Photo

These vehicles rock but make sure that your driver’s eyes are clear and that he repeats the directions to where you want him to take you.  Beware of the driver who has blood shot eyes and especially beware of the one who wears shades.

On my last trip, I was too tired to follow my own instructions, I got into the first rickshaw that offered to take me to Granny’s village into the interior.  My mouth had hardly closed from the tired yawn when the vehicle yanked me forward and my teeth were clamped onto the driver’s shoulder.  No, I’m not a vampire, I assured him.  He laughed and carried on driving like a madman sprung loose from an insane asylum.  I was too tired to feel any fear.  This is what it must be like to truly let go, I told myself.  Let go and let God.  It was a nice feeling.  Freeing.  I even slept, if you can believe that because the vehicle rocked from side to side, hit every pothole on the roads and bidi smoke from the driver’s incessant habit, filled my nostrils.

I didn’t even wake when he deposited me at the base of the village from where I’d have to walk.  He said loudly

‘you have to move from her miss.  I cannot drive up those rocks’

Startled out of my dreams of sorpotel and bibique, I blinked and surveyed my surroundings.  Nothing looked familiar to me.  After all, the last time that I had visited Granny’s village had to be at least ten years before that or more.   I gave the driver his fare, dragged my bag out of the vehicle and watched as he drove off in a cloud of dust.


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