Rosary High School – Dockyard Road, Mumbai

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Photo by Shakir Dalvi

The church looks quite magnificent yes?  The church where I made my first communion, was confirmed and spent hours in devotion.  My not so fav memories from the very young days are of being pinched when fidgety!  A truly fav memory is of the sweet shop on the street to the left of the church.  If I was ‘good’, I got a treat from there after mass.   The school I went to is on the right of the church.  Whoa!  I graduated from that High School.    I’m gonna use another one of Shakir Dalvi’s photos because the ones I took do not seem to upload from iphoto!  Dang!  Thanks Shakir!  I’d bake you a cake if you were anywhere close by! Or, to be authentic, maybe some goan sweets like doss, perada or pinag.

Again, i don’t remember the school looking this spiffy but hey!  I graduated a hundred years ago so….

So, on a trip back to Bombay (I can’t get used to calling it Mumbai) in 2006, my sis and I rented a car and went on a terrific nostalgia trip. The trip included visiting my old school, church, locality (Mazagon), around the Bombay Port Trust area where my father worked forever, visiting my mother’s grave, quick visit to a cousin nearby and back to Andheri West. All that took us the whole day. Looking back, it was quite the accomplishment and left us tired as hell. I forgot that we stopped to eat lunch in a restaurant at Byculla, right across from where Auntie Annie and her family lived. I ordered a beer which turned out to be a 26 ounce bottle. My sis refused to share it with me but I twisted her arm real hard and she relented.

I noticed at my old school, drill still took place but I say ‘where are the girls?’ When I went there a hundred years ago, it was the first co-ed school and boys and girls performed ‘drill’ together. This is my memory.

  1. Eva Gallant says:

    thank you for signing my guestbook. The place to comment on my blog if you decide to come back is where it says “spectator shouts.” click on that to comment. Lovely photos on your blog. I browsed through your postings.

  2. Ray says:

    Hi, I passed SSC in 1990 from Rosary School! Yesterday I went back after 23 years and it was truly nostalgic. The n existing teachers if my era are Samy sir, Shukla sir and Yvonne miss! Ad they too are retiring pretty soon

    Samy sir is keen on an alumni/reunion in June 2013 – I’m in touch with couple of my batch mates from D’lima street and will try and connect with ths if possible

    Though I’m myself back in India after 17 years!

    Would be good to know what year of passed out and if you now anyone from the 1990 batch


    Cell: 98200.12332

    • bardezborn says:

      Hi Ray

      If I’ve written to you before, forgive me but I came across your comment again and had to reply.

      I’m an oldie and graduated from Rosary School in Mazagoan in 1963 ha ha! I still have good (and not so good) memories of the school and my experience. In 1968, I immigrated to Canada and have no contact whatsoever with people from my year. I do feel bad about that but I doubt that we were a very cohesive bunch.

      In 2007, I was visiting Mumbai and made a trip to the school. Interesting! The Principal thought she should arrange for a reunion but nothing of the sort has happened. The school brought back memories and during my visit, morning assembly was taking place. I loved the uniforms which were different from ours. Everything looked different and yet the same 🙂

      Thanks for your note and I wish you all the best.

      (604) 885-8103

  3. Dev says:


    You mentioned about 1963, I really wonder what it must have been like then, however I remember my maternal uncle was in Rosary High School Mazagon his name is Capt. Suresh Dhule. I joind the school somewhere around in 1971……..I did try to find my batch mates, but have found no trace of anyone of them, I remember Mr DSouza was the principal, their son Michael was my classmate.

    • bardezborn says:

      Hi Dev

      Thanks for your response. Every time someone tells me they graduated from Rosary High School, it makes my heart sing. I don’t remember your uncle although it doesn’t mean anything. My memory is not that great and I have been away from India since 1968. Living in Canada since then. Seems to me that our Principal at the time was a Mr. Diwedi. I remember a teacher called John Crasto and another one called Joaquim Figueredo. I believe Mr. F lived on D’Lima Street and it was a popular building. A number of my classmates lived there too – a girl called Mildred D’Souza I think. My best friends then were Bernadine and Ludwin. So sad, I’ve lost touch with everyone. Another girl I admired a lot for her intellect and sense of humour was called Marukh China. A Parsi woman who lived in a colony beyond D’Lima Street. What fun it would be to visit Mumbai some time and check out all these places. I lived first in a building called Nazir Palace. I believe it still exists. In 8th standard, I moved to Umerkhadi but continued to attend Rosary. Thank you for reviving memories for me.
      Peace …. Delma

  4. Dev says:

    I too know most of these places and the buildings you mentioned, as some of my friends did live there, and may be I know Marukh China too for she would often visit our place along with Zareer China her brother; did she study dentistry later? I suppose their house still stands well next to the Mazagon docks main gate. I too have lost contacts with many of my school and Mazagon friends since I moved away to Colaba and then to the US.

    I remember my uncle did mention about Mr Diwedi, as he was the principal of the school. While I was hardly 3 yrs old in 1970, my uncle would insist he rides me to Rosary on his old Indiana bike, whenever he was back form the ship, I suppose he was missing school too.

    Was it Johnando and not John Crasto? Oh the good old memories…….. by the way you must be have already crossed 60s… Nice to recollect all the memories thought not of similar times……Regards.

    • Sayeed says:

      Dears, I passed out in 1990 from Rosary High School and currently working in Saudi Arabia. But always nice to hear about my school and old memories.

      Keep posting.

      Thanks Sayeed Mapari Sent from my iPhone from STC


      • bardezborn says:

        Good to know Sayeed. I finished my SSc in 1963 so way way long long time ago 🙂 Maybe your parents went there? Let me know your memories. Were you a good student or did you get into trouble?

    • bardezborn says:

      Dev, made me so happy to hear that you knew the China family. I vaguely remember Zareer and perhaps another sister. Yes, I did hear that Marukh studied dentistry. I also heard she may be living in the US. If you ever hear any news like this, please let me know. When I moved to Canada, I may have isolated myself from my culture and country more than I believed. I reflect upon it a lot these days. An aging thing I suspect. Oh yes, I’ve nicely crossed 60 but have not reached 70 yet. Life is good. Thank you for your response and I liked hearing about your uncle taking you to Rosary on his bike. By the way, it was John Crasto who was my English teacher as well as Sports Coach. I did track and field. Got to be good at it – competed with another girl called Prabha but I forget her last name. She lived near the pier.

      • Dev says:


        I just read your “About” page, where you mentioned about your birth place and being born to a Brahmin family; happy to know that you are born in Goa, I am a born sailor; have sea water running in the blood & love Goa too, enjoy sailing as a hobby. A GSB originate from Mandrem Goa. You can trace Marukh from the ” The Missing Parsi”, I would feel much happy to see you find your friends or at lease one friend. Have a wonderful day……..

      • bardezborn says:

        Thanks again Dev. I shall check out the missing parsi blog and wish me luck.

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