Mapusa Market on Friday

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Mellons at Friday Market at Mapusa Goa

Santan generally brought yields from the Bodiem fields to sell or trade at this market.  Mai bundled and packed up chillis, ladyfingers, brinjals, capsicums, tomatoes and many other vegetables.  Santan piled them into one or two baskets and got a ride with the driver of the only car in Bodiem.   She, no doubt, paid him way beyond what it was worth.    You can buy almost anything your heart desires at this market.  Fresh produce, poultry, sausages, sandals, shirts, bangles, bowls, pickles, spices, you name it.  We came back laden with goods to last us for several summers.  Mai was thrilled to see all the items because at some point in her life, she didn’t travel much.  Not even to go to St. Anne’s church just down the road from the house.

Going to the Mapusa Market on Fridays was a whole day event.  We left in the early hours and returned in the late afternoon, in time for tea and sweets.  Generally, sweets that we picked up from vendors at the market – kul kuls, neuris.  Wait, I think they only sold these around Christmas but they were the best to be had.

Santan came back later than we did and she usually brought home things she traded for the veggies and fruit she sold.  She would bring back a live chicken or two, eggs, butter, jam.  Once, she brought some glass bangles in every color you could imagine.  She would distribute them to all of the girls in our family as well as the neighbors.  My favorite were the purple and gold ones.  Purple glass with gold specks running through the glass.  I kept them for the whole season and at the end, traded them with the girl next door for the most realistic looking plastic grapes.

Lots of hippies hung out at the Mapusa Market on Fridays.  It was funny to see these dirty looking white people dressed in Indian garb.  They looked comfortable and out of place all at once.  Eating with their fingers and looking as if they had been doing that all their lives.  Most of them looked stoned and starved.   Ironic because generally, smoking pot and hash induces the munchies  right?  How would I know that?

Anyway, you get the drift.  Mapusa Market on a Friday rocked!   It’s a must to see on your visit to Goa!


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