Posted: June 19, 2010 in dribs and drabs
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It took me a long time to find Papa’s house in Aldona. The wall on which I bloodied my three year old knees had crumbled but a flicker of memory lingered on.  While i couldn’t enter Papa’s once magnificent house through the padlocked front door, I could’ve entered through a huge hole in the concrete side wall.  I’d have to wade through a brush of thick and unruly vegetation in which cobras, no doubt, thrived.  The prospects were totally unappealing and I opted to plop myself in the stone seat on the dilapidated verandah and reminisce.

I don’t have a photo of the house but I did walk down the dusty road to the very church where I was baptized.  Feast your eyes on this beauty.  My little grandson said it looks like a ‘giant cake’!  I doubt the church has looked this good in a million years but there’s been a lot of renovations and updates.  I was born in Mapusa and spent my very early days in my grandparents home.   Zuzin became my godmother and I was told that St. Joseph was my Godfather.  Who am I dispute that an important Saint (the father of Jesus) was asked to be my Godfather.  I’m blessed that he agreed because St. Joseph has/is/will be an inspiring spirit!  So, there – that’s my blurb about the church of St. Thomas in Aldona.


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